Our Vision and Mission

Our Values:

The concept of sustainability underlying our vision is not limited to Biotrend Enerji’s activities. At the same time, it adds value to humanity, nature and Biotrend Enerji employees, ensuring that our life cycle is comfortably secured.


  • Inclusion and Diversity

Biotrend Enerji implements sustainable activities with an experienced employee profile from every region, including headquarters and facilities. It does not discriminate based on religion, language, race or gender and works to raise individuals with a high sense of responsibility towards individual, social and environmental issues.


  • Employee Value

The source of Biotrend Enerji’s success is not limited to the strategies of the board of directors and the important works and decisions taken by its managers but is also the result of a collaboration that extends to all blue- and white-collar employees working in the field. It is important for our company to support the personal development of employees through continuous training and to increase the added value they provide to the organization. Efforts are undertaken to develop practices to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty by sustaining a happy and peaceful work environment. The “Happiest Workplace” certificate from Happy Place to Work is a proud proof of this understanding.


  • Social Responsibility

Thanks to the sustainable and inclusive projects undertaken in Biotrend Enerji facilities, processes beneficial to women, children and the environment are achieved. Biotrend Enerji’s work in the field of sustainability and awareness also makes valuable contributions to the promotion of the country.


  • Employee Safety

Quality, Occupational Health and Safety Management are prioritized on Biotrend Enerji’s agenda. Regular inspections are carried out especially for the safety of facility employees and necessary trainings are provided continuously.





Our Vision:

To launch projects with high economic added value in the world and in our country for a sustainable life cycle.

Our Mission:

While making environmental, social and economic contributions to our world and our country, to add to the world economy by recycling all the waste generated in our life cycle into raw materials in addition to the renewable energy we produce.